Diamondback Relationship

As of December 31, 2020, our general partner had a 100% general partner interest in us, and Diamondback owned 731,500 common units and beneficially owned all of our 90,709,946 outstanding Class B units, representing approximately 58% of our total units outstanding. Diamondback also owns and controls our general partner. We believe that the properties held by Diamondback include properties that have, or with additional development will have, production and reserves characteristics that could make them attractive for inclusion in our partnership. We believe Diamondback’s significant ownership in us will motivate it to offer additional mineral and other interests in oil and natural gas properties to us in the future, although Diamondback has no obligation to do so and may elect to dispose of mineral and other interests in such properties without offering us the opportunities to acquire them.

We believe Diamondback views our partnership as part of its business strategy and that Diamondback will be incentivized to pursue acquisitions jointly with us in the future. However, Diamondback will regularly evaluate acquisitions and may elect to acquire properties without offering us the opportunity to participate in such transactions. Moreover, Diamondback may not be successful in identifying potential acquisitions. Diamondback is free to act in a manner that is beneficial to its interests without regard to ours, which may include electing not to present us with acquisition or disposition opportunities.

For more information, please visit www.diamondbackenergy.com.